Feeding The Engine Of The World

We provide food service to thousands of employees every day, making us the fastest growing contract foodservice company in India.

We understand our clients by sectorising our business, which allows us to provide a cost effective food solution to each client’s unique needs.

We are committed towards bringing employees together to share a delicious well nutrition meal at a cost effective model at their work place.



We provide food services across different sectors, pan India.


We understand our client's needs to deliver food to a large group. We are able to provide them the most cost-effective solution to their food service.

Travel & Transportation

Working closely with the government for mobile food services orders, food procurement in schools amongst others range from small concessions to large scale operations.


We understand the need for healthy, well-balanced meals, which can be segregated to school sections, from their primary wing to their senior wing.

Verified Supply Chain and Safety Protocols

All our food is procured from trusted sources in every city, after a stringent assessment. 

From cooking, till serving, our staff is trained with all the latest measures.



While our services span diverse industries, quality is our paramount focus in all our undertakings


Pan India

With service pan India, and an endeavour to cover all of India, we are there when you need us


Pricing Options

With various options of meals to choose from, we can find or create on that works for you



Increase the number of meals you serve, as your employee count grows

Brands that trust us