Travel Tech

Technology can be used to produce a disruptive change for mass transit systems especially in the case of railways. The use of biometrics or automated concierge services, movement of baggage and freight, automation of reservation systems, automatic locomotives, programmed pick up and drop services to the railway station, can rejig the mobility experience all together. Rail tech can enable operators to achieve more with less resources, thus increasing capacity without adding to costs


We provide tech services across different sectors, pan India.

Big Data And Analytics

Big data and analytics services by Billions Group helps cement analytics into existing workflows, with powerful, uncluttered visualisation on dashboards that provide in-depth analysis through an easily comprehendible interface.


AI and ML

AI & ML facilitates a distilled understanding of patterns from complex layers of huge datasets. Patters include an understanding of customer behaviour, sales-forecasting, and sentiment analysis, naming a few. This helps business in their outcomes and decision-making processes.

Super Apps

Billions Group’s mobile app solutions aim to offer engaging digital experience platforms that facilitate users in accessing, collaborating, and working with heightened efficiency. This is the resulting product of super apps and enterprise mobile applications. 

Digital Marketing

Digital marketing covers a diverse set of activities, from SEO to penning blogs, and distribution channels, among other platforms. Billions Group helps its clientele understand the pillars of digital marketing, girding them in building an effective marketing strategy, and optimize advertising via a host of online channels.


Integration services in public transport networks maximize ease and efficiency for users in terms of time, cost, comfort, safety, accessibility, and convenience. Through our integration services we offer: Strategic Transportation Network Planning, Digital Supply Network in Logistics, Multiple Transportation Management Systems, Real-Time Freight Data and Analysis, Freight Management & Costs, Shipment Order Entry, Detailed Dispatching and much more

Wifi and Infrastructure

We provide secure WiFi and network infrastructures including systems that control information access and data availability.

We build tech infrastructures that can be optimised to improve communication, create efficiencies and increase productivity.


Content On-Demand

Billions Group has extensive experience and expertise in content-on-demand solutions that leverage cloud infrastructures to improve business outcomes, lower TAT, and secure data availability at all times.