Mechanized Housekeeping

Billions Services is privileged to serve various industry segments such as Manufacturing, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Commercial & Residential Spaces, Education & the Hospitality Sector.
  • Subject Matter Experts- Domain Knowledge experts who assist in devising appropriate IFM solution
  • Trained Manpower – experienced, skilled team of professionals as per
  • Eco friendly Material
  • World Class Machines
  • Technology Support
We have developed robust selection mechanism to ensure that the workers we deploy at the site are well trained, groomed and background verified. The periodic training from the machine, chemicals and materials manufacturing ensures the honing of their skills.
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Soft Services

  • Our dedicated, experienced, and skilled team of professionals
  • Robust SOP’s
  • Domain knowledge and expertise in devising IFM solutions
  • State-of-the-Art Maintenance Management System
  • Mechanized Housekeeping / Office Support staff / Pantry Services / Horticulture / Helpdesk / Concierge services

Operations and Maintenance

We understand the importance of up-time in the production environment. This is where our competent team of technically trained professionals, with the objective of optimum utilization, support our clients to ensure uninterrupted operations at the manufacturing units.

Our preventive maintenance activities help our customers to reduce breakdown so they can achieve their peak level performance. Tracking their consumption of spares, analysis of the same and procurement is also our forte.

We commit to cost optimization, by setting ‘Service Level Agreements’ on parameters like equipment uptime, energy expenses, and so on. As a result, we assess the quality of our services while providing an uninterrupted environment to our Clients.


Guesthouse Management

Need of the hour a Home away from Home. We, at Billions Services, bring in expertise, efficacy and efficiency in this service whereby our hospitality team understands and ensures that a pleasant stay encapsulates good housekeeping, maintenance, hygienic tasty food, prompt laundry and recreation and other supplies thereby delivering an experience of home away from home time and again.

The guesthouse rooms and common areas are maintained with the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene to keep the rooms, interiors and exteriors spotlessly clean and highly presentable over and over again.

The experts assist in the upkeep of the front garden by watering the plants daily and keeping them tidy. Aside from that, we make certain that your front stairs, napkins, and tablecloths are clean. Deep cleaning is performed by our professionals to guarantee that the guest hosue is free of dust, grime and dirt.

All meals are prepared by deployed professional chefs to meet the demands of your guests. A multi-cuisine home-cooked meal is organised based on the guests' preferences and as per the menu devised by our Dietician.

Our hospitality staff and managers maintain an excellent equation with guests and provide them all possible assistance when needed or requested. Feedback and suggestions from our guests are incorporated into our service processes ensuring that there is continuous room for improvement and growth.

Our on-site team adheres to the company norms, SOP, ensures compliance to FSSAI & HACCP, and assures that all visitors to the guesthouse have a seamless stay and a memorable experience.

Horticulture Landscape Service

Landscape gardening is an aesthetic branch of Horticulture which deals with planting of ornamental plants in such a way that it creates a picturesque effect. Keeping your external premises green and attractive throughout the year could be challenging and it necessitates a significant amount of time and gardening skills. The concept of landscape and horticulture by way of using different kind of garden features must conform to the place and the purpose for which it is built.

Our experienced horticulturist can keep your property looking wonderful throughout the year. Care must be taken to define the relationship between various colours of the plants, flowers, building or other objects present at the site. We offer a diverse range of horticulture services all in one location, beginning with planning and designing your landscape and thereon populate it to beautify your premises.


Pest Control

Our pest control professionals are responsible for assessing and carrying out treatments at your premises and continuously ensure that the pest control treatments meted out are effective in eradicating pests. Our professionals are continuously trained and kept well informed with the latest pest control treatments, which enables them to understand pest behaviours and identify their vulnerabilities to proactive recommend treatment to minimize the risk of pest infestation.

Services offered are tailor made for each sector as it has its specific requirements, such as GMPs and compliance with auditing. Examples of specific needs Stored product insects are
most costly for businesses handling food and bed bugs are a common recurring problem for the Hotel Sector.


Digital Technology Implements

We use following digital applications to run our operations which makes the processes efficient & transparent

Providing the dashboard to the customer on work completion which is linked to their SLA, this is a digitised replacement of paper base checklist. It has QR Based system & works on an android platform. Customer gets a login ID & Password & the app can be downloaded from play store.

An email based digital invoicing system. Customer gets all the supporting documents required to process the invoice with an option to approve or reject the invoice. It saves time for the clients and increase accuracy with timely submission of invoice.

It’s an Aadhar based onboarding, where we capture person’s correct antecedents. Also, helps smoothen the process of banks account opening, PF & ESIC.

A supervisory application to mark the attendance during office Shift. Dashboard is available to the client to view verify and process the attendance. It increases the transparency between Customer & Billions Services.



Our customer facing digital solutions provides our customers accurate & on-time reports which helps in building transparency and trust

CSAT– We record our customer feedback on an application and get valuable information on choices. This information is valuable to plan for next steps in operations.

OYC (Own Your Customer)– The customer is king for us and for that end we try to keep all our high-end clients as our main focus. For that end objective we use an application which provides excellent information on the clients which is useful in managing expectations.

Asset Tracking– Whether it is tracking assets or sales or auditing the sectors, we have it all covered through our digitized services.

Workflow– We manage workflow and help build efficiency through our automated operations while managing all the admin work through a simple application.

NEFT– At all times our aim is to simplify the process and that’s where our payment gateway solutions work wonders for our customers.